Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"We Are Monsters" gallery show in DC

I was asked to submit work for a collaborative show called "We are Monsters." It is an annual event.
I submitted three illustrations created for the show:
Title: "Brains!"
Title: "Picking Flowers"
Title: "We are monsters"
This illustration did not go on display. 

I pulled this info from their facebook page:

Friday, May 6 at 7:00pm - June 4 at 6:00pm

Pleasant Plains Workshop
2608 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, DC

Created By

More Info
A hand-picked group of over twenty artists, illustrators, and designers are bringing the beasts to the heart of DC. Dual heads, third-eyes, cloven hoofs, purple fur, and forked tongues will be found in obscene abundance. Media will include painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, maybe even a little video.

Opening Friday May 6, from 7–9pm at Pleasant Plains Workshop. Artists include

Marc Crisafulli
Carolyn Belefski
Greg Pizzoli
Dana Jeri Maier
Antonio Peters
Adam Dwight
Elizabeth Graeber
John Foster
Rich Bernett
Tim Gibbon
Melinda Rainsberger
Catherine Smith
Josh Dihle
Mike O'Brien
Allison Glancey
Ivan Anic
Evan Keeling
Kristina Bilonick
Stephanie Kwak
Steve Loya
Jodi Hoover
Lisa Adang
Pia Blumenthal
Anthony Dihle

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